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**All the donation will be strictly use for site purpose. More infomation email me.

News and Updates -- July & August

 :: 8/10/03 Sunday ::
     New release! Our first Sailormoon doujinshi: Kaze no Youni, Yume no Youni! It's about what happened before the Moon was invaded by Beryl in the past. ^_^ This doujinshi is a joint with Selene!
Also, I'd like to announce another joint project. We'll be doing XXXHolic with Hemuloki! Yay! More CLAMP for everyone! ^_^

 :: 8/7/03 Friday ::
     2 releases! S to M no Sekai Chapter 1 Part A and PQ Angels Chapter 1 Part B! Also, we have come to our decision for Alice 19th: We shall continue it until some time between the time Viz releases book 1 and 2. We do not know if we will finish the entire series but we'll see. ^_^

 :: 8/5/03 Tuesday ::
     2 more releases today! And guess what?? Shining Star Book 1 is COMPLETED! Chapter 15 and 16 are out! So go get it on IRC!! By the way, there won't be any more Shining Star for a WHILE so don't ask okie?? hehe be patient guys!

 :: 8/4/03 Monday ::
     Two new releases! Shining Star chapter 14 and Kare-Made Love chapter 3!

 :: 8/3/03 Sunday ::
     Two new releases once again! Shining Star chapter 13 and Kare-Made Love chapter 2!

 :: 8/2/03 Saturday ::
     Two new releases! Shining Star chapter 12 and Kare-Made Love chapter 1 re-edited! IRC everybody!

 :: 8/1/03 Friday ::
     Another new release! Today we have out Shining Star chapter 11! It's only on IRC for now. ^_^

 :: 7/31/03 Thursday ::
     Two new releases!!! Chapter 10 of Shining Star is finally out and Chapter 1 Part A of PQ Angels is out too! Go get them on IRC! ^__^

 :: 7/29/03 Tuesday ::
     A long awaited release for lots of people! Chapter 9 of Cherry Project! IRC for now all, so go get it! ^_^

 :: 7/28/03 Monday ::
     Another new release! Prism Time chapter 1 is out and on IRC for now! It's another shoujo story by Naoko Takeuchi! ^_^

 :: 7/27/03 Sunday ::
     New release on Sunday once again! +- Junkie is out and is on IRC for now (will be upload to Y!G soon)! This is the first chapter in the newest series from Ribon! ^_^

 :: 7/20/03 Sunday ::
     New release at last! Cherry Project Book 2 Chapter 8 is out! Get it on IRC~ ^_^

 :: 7/14/03 Monday ::
     New release! Cherry Project Book 1 Chapter 4 version 2 is out! Go get it in the channel, everyone! ^_^

Today is our first month anniversery!!! We've been around for one month officially today and we already have nearly 11,000 hits! Hehehehe, this is so awesome! ^_^

 :: 7/13/03 Sunday ::
     No new releases today, but I have some interseting news. Sadly, since I'm buying so many new manga for our group, I'm running out of money, so I need to sell my manga so I do have money for Japanese manga... This money shall be used for the site's projects, so if you're interested in buying anything, please email Cheebs and ask for the title and the price of the book and shipping.
(note: All of these are in English and translated by an American company)

Angelic Layer #1 - #5 (complete)
Chobits #1 - #4
Cardcaptor Sakura #3 - #6
Cardcaptor Sakura: Master of the Clow #1 - #2
Clover #1 - #4 (complete)
Inu Yasha #1 - #2
Magic Knight Rayearth (left to right) #1 - #6 (complete)
Magic Knight Rayearth (right to left) #1 - #3 (complete, including box + special book)
Peach Girl (left to right) #1 - #8 (complete)
Peach Girl: Change of Heart (right to left) #1 - #2
Ranma 1/2 #1 - #2
Real Bout High School #1
Revolutionary Girl Utena #2
Sailor Moon #1, #4, #6 - #11
Sailor Moon SuperS #1 - #3
Sailor Moon Stars #1 - #3 (complete)
Saint Tail #1 - #7 (complete)
Tokyo Mew Mew #1
X/1999 #1 - #2

I ship to USA only.

 :: 7/12/03 Saturday ::
     Even more new titles for scanlating today! Our list has grown! Buut with as many titles as we have, we kinda lack something...JAPANESE TO ENGLISH TRANSLATORS. Poor Cheebs is the main one and working her arse off to get the releases translations done! Sooo if you want faster releases and can translate Japanese to English (including Kanji without furigana), then please email Cheebs!

 :: 7/9/03 Wednesday ::
     Two new releases for Cherry Project! Chapter 3v2 and chapter 7 (beginning of book 2)! Come get them in the channel! ^_^

 :: 7/8/03 Tuesday ::
     We have just experienced a cruel and unusual thing: hackers. Yes, hackers have hacked into our channel and put a password on so no one can get into the channel. We cannot get in and I am quite sure that you won't be able to get in either. You can still attain our releases from lotismaster18 who is in the #shoujomagic and #mangaproject.
On a brighter note, we have acquired a bunch of new titles to scanlate! Help with them is needed (and listed under the wanted section) so please check them out! ^_^

[New Update]
The hacker incident has been fixed and now everyone can get back into the channel!

 :: 7/6/03 Sunday ::
     At last! A new chapter of Cherry Project! Chapter 6 has been released. It's the last chapter of book 1. ^_^
The re-edits are still being done, but chapter 6 will need no re-editing. Look for the re-release of chapters 3-5 during the week!

 :: 7/4/03 Friday ::
     Today we have an announcement. Alas, we have come to the point that all scanlation groups reach eventually - lack of funds. To do a project, the most basic necessity is buying the books. However, we don't have much money in our pockets, so we're asking all the readers to - yes, you know what's coming - DONATE. A tankoubon (graphic novel) costs an average of 6 dollars, so all we're asking is for you to donate 3 dollars. That's less than the price of a movie, and would you rather read manga or watch a B-rate movie? If you can't spare 3 dollars, even a dollar or two would help. If you are generous and would like to contribute 6 or 7 dollars, we will scan the entire book and send you a copy of the scans. If you have any requests for projects you would like us to pick up, email Yingyingchan or Cheebs. Oh, and we have no new releases for you today. ^^

~Sariko (Translator)

[New Update]
Cherry Project Chapter 2v2 is out! Get it on IRC!

 :: 7/02/03 Wednesday ::
    New releases for EVERY series!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^

Alice 19th v3 ch3a
Cherry Project v1 ch1 Re-Edited
Kare-Made Love KM v1 ch1
Shining Star v1 ch9

All available only on IRC only so come join the channel! ^_^

 :: 7/01/03 Tuesday ::
    Cheebs here, it's July now, and here's a new layout to celebrate it! Cherry Project is being re-edited by my editor who is MUCH better than I so just wait and it'll be released soon! ^_^ That's all for now, site is much bigger. Have fun!

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