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HTTP links for chapter 2 of Alice 19th book 3 is up! For those who can't get it on IRC and are too lazy to join the Y!G, then this should be the right way for you!

Cherry Project Chapter 5 and Shining Star Chapter 7 and 8 have been released! IRC only until someone wants to host them...

Another release! NO Cherry Project today! HA! MY releases!! (this is YingYingChan btw) So here it is! The 2nd chapter of Alice 19th and Ch 6 of Shining Star! Enjoy! Be up on the yahoo group soon. For now get it off of IRC! (Alice 19 should be on HTTP VERY soon too)

Guess whaaat! We got a Yahoo! Group for all of you peeps that want our scanlations but can't from IRC. ^_^ I suggest that ye all go HERE! ^_^ Oh yeah, you have to be a member to get anything, so go ahead and join! If you missed a release and want it there, we can put it up for a while if you ask us (just put "Missed Release Request" in the subject line as a message for the whole group so they will know) and we will wait for everyone who wants it to dl it. Have fun everyone! ^_^

Ok! Chapter 5 of Shining Star and this site's favorite, Cherry Project ch4, is out!! IRC only still.. sorry to those who can't use irc.. (me included...)

Chapter 4 of Shining Star is complete! Go get it! IRC only for now.. :( somebody host our files!!

Cheebs here, we need a new host again since our other went down!! Until we find another one we have no one to host our files. If you can donate some space, please email one of us!!! New chapter, but can only be found on IRC for the time being! Please join our channel and talk to us! ^_^

New release:
The Cherry Project Chapter 3 a + b

Unless someone is kind enough to host some of ourfiles with their space, for now you must dl it from our IRC (posted on the right).

Ying Ying Chan here! Ok just got news and Cheebs said the irc channel is up and running!! The address is #StarryHeaven at mirc-x server. Don't get your hopes up in seeing me much on there but look for Cheebs if you have anything to say or want! Well, that's all for now! BTW, we got enough host for now lol Thanks to everybody that apply! If we need more you'll be sure to see a new ad!

The host has already died so downloads have been stopped temporarily until we have another host to put them on...
Also, we are having troubles with our fserve so we can release chapters on IRC so if anyone would like to serve our files in the meantime until we get a better host then PLEASE IM hyperchibichan on AOL Instant Messenger OR email and Cheebs will give you the files for you to serve. Any help will be EXTREMELY appreciated!! Thank you!!

New releases:
The Cherry Project Chapter 01 a + b
The Cherry Project Chapter 02 a + b
Shining Star Chapter 3

Also, we have a temporary host to host the Shining Star chapters for now.

Yeah... I know.. the direct links for downloads aren't working... I'm sorry guys... blame it on the stupid host.. well.. for now a irc channel is being establish so I'll tell you when it's up.. other than that.. I'm sorry you guys can't get it, but if you really want it then im me on aim, Sweetiecutiekeli, or im hyperchibichan, we'll try to send you the file. I know this is really a lot to ask, a host is harder to find than a good translator and editor.. but..If anybody won't like to lend us some space to host our scans please contact me,

Ok another release, the other half of chapter 1 of Alice 19th is out. soo go get it! Hope you like it!

6/14/03 For now, this is going to be a temporaily page, so we can have the releases and news out to you as soon as possible. We are currently working on the layout so yep.. but don't worry that's got nothing to do with the releases dates soo yea you're still get your manga! ^_^

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